Polishing These Skills Will Enhance Your Leadership Performance

Rather than the position, one holds, great leadership depends on the actions one takes with respect to organizational and personal values. In that sense, what actions determine great leadership? Moreover, how does the leadership excellence affect an organization’s accomplishment? Continue reading “Polishing These Skills Will Enhance Your Leadership Performance”

What’s The Buzz on Millennial Buyers?

I’ve heard a lot of buzz around using trigger words for content marketing. Certain people seem to think that content marketers target a demographic by making use of buzzwords like millennial in order to directly target a service or product to a certain demographic.  Continue reading “What’s The Buzz on Millennial Buyers?”

The Rise of Social Media

In the past it was sufficient to merely have a website in order to get information out, but today there are social networks like Facebook and Twitter which make it possible for people to interact and connect with one another.  These sites are known as social media and allow their users to exchange ideas, share news, participate in events and share their interests.  Not only does social media connect people but is also a way of keeping people updated on news and letting them contribute to various forums or debates.  Social media is also fast becoming a way of looking for information where users will search for advice on certain topics by looking at what others are sharing on social media.  Continue reading “The Rise of Social Media”

The Best Places to Vacation: Malta

Where are the best places to vacation? That question doesn’t have one definitive answer. It all kind of depends on what you prefer in a vacation. Are you an outdoorsy type? Do you have to have the beach present to consider it a vacation? Answering those questions first is the proper way to begin planning your vacation.

Let’s say you enjoy the beach. What if I asked you where Malta was? Would you be able to tell me, even remotely, where it was? Some may know, but most don’t. Continue reading “The Best Places to Vacation: Malta”

What Will Be Your Legacy? Estate Planning Promises To Protect It

A lot of times, people think about retirement with great aspirations of laying low, relaxing and basically doing whatever the heck they want. And why shouldn’t this be the go-to fantasy? You work hard all, or most of, your life. You put in the countless hours. The grind. You should be able to kick back after 30 or 40 years of hard work and just enjoy the fruits of your labor. In part, it’s the American Dream, right? Well that dream can become a nightmare if you haven’t visited an estate planning attorney.

If you aren’t planning your retirement, you may never see it. More and more people these days are forgetting to put plans in place to protect their earnings. Do you have children? Do they have children? Did you never have children? Who’s going to take care of things when you pass? Who’s going to take care of your estate when you pass?

All of these questions are legitimate and should have at least crossed your mind at one time or another. Depending on your age, those questions may be more pressing to you than to some others. But you know what the best news I could give you is? It’s never to late to start planning!

estate planning


Finding a local attorney in your area to help with the estate planning is pretty easy. Google or Yahoo search engines will yield the best results. In fact, in this day and age, next to all the results will even be reviews! All the leg work is done for you by these search engines!

Next, call or ask around. I’m sure a lot of your friends are in the same boat. They may already have their elder law and estate planning attorney in place and can recommend someone to you. Most places will offer a free consultation as well. So it may cost you nothing to learn! Which is the best!

Once you find the right attorney for the job, they will meticulously guide you through the estate planning process, which can be grueling. But for an afternoon of your time, you can potentially protect your entire empire that you have spent the majority of your life acquiring.

Elder Law: Asset Protection Before Long-Term Care

Most people will start a 401k when they start working. Some people will wait 10 or so years to do so (Hi!), but for the most part, at some point, people begin to plan for retirement because that’s the dream. You work the majority of your life with the idea that you spend the latter half of it enjoying the finer things in life like family, friends, traveling, etc. An afternoon with an elder law attorney can help preserve all that you have worked for.

Sometimes, though, things that aren’t in your life plan happen and cause a ripple in the preparations you have made. In almost an instant, everything you have meticulously planned and saved could go up in smoke. You can be left with nothing and worse, be left with nothing to leave. Continue reading “Elder Law: Asset Protection Before Long-Term Care”