What Is Procedural Generation?

Making video games is no small task, with modern AAA video games being the work of hundreds, if not thousands of skilled developers. Plus, as the video game industry has grown and developed, these creators having been pushing the limits of what is and isn’t possible in the digital world. Some of the gaming evolutions are all but miraculous. Continue reading “What Is Procedural Generation?”

What Happened To John Romero?

Anyone who knows anything about the birth of video games will know the name John Romero. It was him who all but spearheaded first person shooters as they exist today. Having a hand in not only Wolfenstein 3D, generally accepted as the first true first person shooter, he then went on to be one of the developers of Doom. And Doom, of course, was one of the biggest smash hit video games in early industry history. Continue reading “What Happened To John Romero?”

What Is A Video Game Emulator?

The term emulator gets thrown around a great deal in the video game world, referring to software that allows video games from other platforms to be played on the PC. For example, it is possible to play old games from the SNES system, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, on a PC, with the result being all but indistinguishable from the original SNES console. Continue reading “What Is A Video Game Emulator?”