Trends Set To Shape Future Mobile Gaming

Video gaming has gone through a huge number of changes in the last few years, but perhaps the one that has seen the most growth is mobile gaming. From tablets to smartphones, mobile gaming has become the new staple of modern video games, and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to play a modern 3D game while on the move is the stuff that was once restricted to science fiction, but we’ve seen some of the most popular games ported successfully over to the touch screen.  Continue reading “Trends Set To Shape Future Mobile Gaming”

How AI Will Transform Video Games

The term “artificial intelligence” is one that has been making headlines more and more frequently in the last few years. This is because AI systems are currently undergoing extreme advancement in a number of fields. From medicine to job automation, experts believe that our future will be shaped by the AI that we create within the next couple of years.  Continue reading “How AI Will Transform Video Games”