The Best Places to Vacation: Malta

Where are the best places to vacation? That question doesn’t have one definitive answer. It all kind of depends on what you prefer in a vacation. Are you an outdoorsy type? Do you have to have the beach present to consider it a vacation? Answering those questions first is the proper way to begin planning your vacation.

Let’s say you enjoy the beach. What if I asked you where Malta was? Would you be able to tell me, even remotely, where it was? Some may know, but most don’t.

Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. At only 122 square miles, it’s pretty small with a population of less than 450,000. But you know what it has an abundance of? Views and scenery.

The private beaches of Malta are some of the finest in the world and the Air BNB rates at first look are extremely reasonable. You can get nice accommodations for under $150 per night!

malta vacation

In addition to the endless beaches and awesome views, there is some rich history in Malta. Including some historic temples! Day trips can be planned to take tours and see everything that Malta really has to offer.

Perhaps you’re a big fan of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones? How about a private tour of some of the locations that were used in the shows filming! There are both private and non-private tours of the locations that are available for booking!

Do a quick search and find out more of what the country of Malta has to offer! It really will have something for everyone!

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