Elder Care Planning: Talking to Your Loved Ones and Finding The Help You Need

elder care planning

Everyone knows that nursing homes and caring for the elderly is a very important task that should be taken care of with the utmost detail. However, most of us fail to plan for this care until a problem presents itself. Reviewing an elder care planning checklist can help you decide if you need to seek out an elder law attorney to help you through the processes.

Beginning Elder Care Planning Process

That seems like a simple step, right? But who really wants to have that conversation with their parents? Not a lot of people want to talk about the possibility of their loved ones being incapacitated and needing assistance or round the clock care. But having this conversation now, while everyone is healthy and happy, can make the difference for generations after them.

You and your loved ones can use this conversation as a way to make a list of the goals you want to accomplish when planning for their future needs. Keep the list handy as it can be used as a vehicle to steer future meetings with the team you retain to help execute these wishes.

elder care planning

Find a Trusted Local Elder Law Attorney

Once you have the conversation with your loved ones about elder care planning, and you have a general idea of how you would like the future business handled, you can do some research to find a local elder law attorney in your area. Most of the time, Google is a great tool for reviews to see who might be a good choice. However, if your loved ones are of the retirement age, they probably have friends that have done this type of planning and can recommend who, or who not to, go to for help.

An attorney can cost you thousands of dollars, but what you can protect for the future makes it all worth it. Plus, most elder law attorneys have no cost initial consultations, so it really costs you nothing to go sit down and learn more about protecting your family.

The sooner you take advantage of a local lawyer’s free consultation, the better off you and your family will be. You could even visit a lawyer for a free consultation¬†before talking to your loved one. This way you have a plan and a little more information so the conversation is productive and quick!

These two steps are only the beginning of the elder care planning process, but they are two of the biggest you will face. Once you can sit down and have an honest discussion about your loved one’s futures, you will set in motion the next steps organically. The sense of accomplishment and relief knowing that the future is not only taken care of, but protected, is something you cannot put a price on.

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