Jetsetting On A Budget

Traveling is one of the best ways to cut down on stress, relax and just get away from the distractions of the real world. However, going into debt to get a little R & R seems a little counterproductive doesn’t it?

So how can you get your travel on without having to break the budget? Do your homework is how! Al Gore created a vast internet where virtually anything is possible. With a little concentration and discipline, you can go on the vacation of your dreams and not break the piggy bank open to do it!

Find a Cheap Airline

Gone are the days of going directly to an airlines website — or for those of you a bit older, calling the airline direct. Or so we thought! Cheap airlines like Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines offer affordable fares all over the country. If you don’t mind feeling like you’re sitting on a milk crate for four hours, you can hop a flight from Cleveland to Las Vegas for about $150! You can keep the cost low if you can pack light too!

Let Them Search for You!

Places like and will do all of this work for you. If you’re looking for flights, rental cars and hotel, you can get a pretty good deal if you use one of these sites. They work to get the best deal and use your preferences to build a bundle that will also save you money. Sign up for their email alerts and receive weekly or monthly deals and savings too!

Just Drive!

Vastly underrated is the good old fashioned day trip. Maybe there is a park or lake near by — within a couple hours — that you could pack up the car and hit up for the day. If you pack a picnic, you’re looking at potentially getting away for a relaxing day for under $100, depending on gas and how far it is. You can use the Oh Ranger! park finder app to help plan your trip!

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