New Hampshire Lottery Winner Allowed To Remain Anonymous

new hampshire lottery winner

The New Hampshire lottery winner who was insanely lucky to be the sole winner of the $560M Powerball jackpot in January has won a court battle to remain anonymous, even though she signed her ticket after her numbers were called.

Jane Doe, as we will forever know her as, by all accounts forfeited her right to privacy after signing the back of her winning ticket, per the instructions of the lottery website. However, Ms. Doe later found that if she signed her ticket in the name of a trust set up by an estate planning attorney, she would be able to keep her name out of the public.

Too little, too late, according to state lottery officials.

That’s when Jane Doe turned to attorneys and the court of law to prove that her privacy was more important than the public knowing who was raking in all that cash from the jackpot.

In a ruling┬áby Judge Charles Temple, Ms. Doe is allowed to remain anonymous and only her hometown is able to be released, citing “strong privacy interest.”

This was a huge win for Ms. Doe and her legal team. Although the state’s attorney general’s office has not decided yet if it will seek appeal, for now it seems this event will create a new legal precedent moving forward in New Hampshire.

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