‘Poo Watch’ Ends After Suspect Is Released Without Pooping For 47 Days

POO WATCH. It’s a thing that was actually reported.

Lamarr Chambers was arrested in Essex on January 17. Police suspected the alleged drug dealer of swallowing whatever stash he may have had on him. Since we all know how science work, the police decided they would wait out Chambers and see if his bowel movements produced any evidence.

Not a bad approach.

One thing the police didn’t realize, though, was the mental capacity and stamina that Chambers possessed.

Per Newser.com

“Lamarr Chambers fought the law, and the law came in No. 2—all over some No. 2. The BBC reports “poo watch” has officially ended in the UK, with the 24-year-old released on Monday after 47 days in custody in which he refused to have a bowel movement.”


That is absolutely mind blowing. And it’s not like Chambers was refusing to eat or drink! According to Newser, he was eating and drinking normally.

“…after what Sky Newsreports was seven court hearings in which police sought custody extensions, and even though Chambers ate and drank daily. Prosecutors decided to drop the charges—possession with intent to supply—against him due to “insufficient evidence,” though he was then re-arrested by police on different drug charges—suspicion of being concerned in the supply.”

I mean bravo. Lamarr Chambers deserves to be a free man. That is just incredible.

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