Sometimes It’s Hard to Bribe Your Friends to Help You Move

When it comes to moving, there is not a more pivotal role than the best friend or friends. They will, literally, be the back bone of your transition from dwelling to dwelling. If you don’t have enough help, not only will the move take a lot longer than you anticipated, but it will also add more stress to an already high-stress situation. Also, it’s a very real possibility that your relationship with your best friend will also become strained.

So what’s the best way to bribe your friends to help?

Obviously, the first option would be money. Right? Everyone loves money. I don’t care if you think money cannot buy you happiness or not, it’s the way of the world, people. Services get rendered, labor gets paid. It’s been going on since the dawn of time.

However, sometimes when you’re moving from one place to another, you aren’t exactly “liquid”. There are a lot of factors like closing costs, fees and other expenses that will take up a large portion of your discretionary funds.

Maybe instead of money, you could barter? Your friends will undoubtedly need your help at some point in the future right? I helped my friend move his house three times. One time was from a third floor(!), before I was able to cash in my I-O-U and get him to help me move my house. Trading present labor for future labor is not only a viable option, it’s fair to all parties involved.

So your friend lives in their parents basement?

Maybe your friends aren’t exactly the motivated type. In this scenario, they aren’t likely to need future labor, so the bartering might not pique their interest. But you know what does almost every time?

Pizza and beer.

That’s right. The good old American classic. Promise your friend the most pizza and beer they could ask for and odds are they’ll give you a shrug of the shoulders and a nod. They’re in. But there’s more to this portion of the move.

If you can manage to keep your friend busy enough and make them work for the beer and pizza, they will be too dehydrated to even think about beer! I know it’s evil, but it’s the truth. If you can keep it up the entire day, then you can both kick back amidst the boxes and carnage and enjoy that pizza and beer together.

Making memories, amiright? The best part, though, is that the pizza and beer bill will be minimal because you’ll both be completely exhausted! Genius!

But the best option?

Of course, the best option would be just to hire a professional. You can learn more¬†about that,¬†but honestly is your friend going to replace your stuff if…when…they drop it in the driveway? Not if they’re still living in their parents basement!

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