Sometimes It’s Hard to Bribe Your Friends to Help You Move

When it comes to moving, there is not a more pivotal role than the best friend or friends. They will, literally, be the back bone of your transition from dwelling to dwelling. If you don’t have enough help, not only will the move take a lot longer than you anticipated, but it will also add more stress to an already high-stress situation. Also, it’s a very real possibility that your relationship with your best friend will also become strained. Continue reading “Sometimes It’s Hard to Bribe Your Friends to Help You Move”

What Is Procedural Generation?

Making video games is no small task, with modern AAA video games being the work of hundreds, if not thousands of skilled developers. Plus, as the video game industry has grown and developed, these creators having been pushing the limits of what is and isn’t possible in the digital world. Some of the gaming evolutions are all but miraculous. Continue reading “What Is Procedural Generation?”

What Is A Video Game Emulator?

The term emulator gets thrown around a great deal in the video game world, referring to software that allows video games from other platforms to be played on the PC. For example, it is possible to play old games from the SNES system, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, on a PC, with the result being all but indistinguishable from the original SNES console. Continue reading “What Is A Video Game Emulator?”

The Best Places to Vacation: Malta

Where are the best places to vacation? That question doesn’t have one definitive answer. It all kind of depends on what you prefer in a vacation. Are you an outdoorsy type? Do you have to have the beach present to consider it a vacation? Answering those questions first is the proper way to begin planning your vacation.

Let’s say you enjoy the beach. What if I asked you where Malta was? Would you be able to tell me, even remotely, where it was? Some may know, but most don’t. Continue reading “The Best Places to Vacation: Malta”

Drinking the Best Cocktail in 20 Countries

There is simply no better way to relax on vacation than to sit back and enjoy a cocktail! Most countries offer signature cocktails which are more exciting than your standard hometown options, so be sure to try something new.

Cuba: The Mojito

The Mojito is made with lime, sugar, rum, and spearmint or yerba Buena – popular mint varieties in Cuba. Continue reading “Drinking the Best Cocktail in 20 Countries”