Trends Set To Shape Future Mobile Gaming

Video gaming has gone through a huge number of changes in the last few years, but perhaps the one that has seen the most growth is mobile gaming. From tablets to smartphones, mobile gaming has become the new staple of modern video games, and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to play a modern 3D game while on the move is the stuff that was once restricted to science fiction, but we’ve seen some of the most popular games ported successfully over to the touch screen. 

But mobile technology is constantly evolving and improving, and while it’s already incredible that we have so much choice right now, we can expect far more within the next few years. In fact, experts believe that smartphone gaming will make up more than 50 percent of the total gaming market by 2020, a significant leap from ten years ago, where it had very little impact on the global market. This does not include the iGaming industry, which is made up of the  online slots Canada has to offer, among others. These are some of the emerging trends that are set to change mobile gaming.


Casual gamers make up the majority of worldwide gamers, and these are the people that gaming companies tend to target. This is also the same group that have been reluctant to spend money on games that they don’t feel they will be playing in the future. It’s a trend with such traction that mobile gaming developers have all but abandon the buy-to-play models, and have instead opted for models where the game is free to play initially, with tacked on purchase options for further features, such as in-app purchases. 

These have become the primary source of revenue for developers, and it’s a trend that we can expect to see permeating the market more over the next decade. 

Multiplayer And Social Interaction

Multiplayer is by no means a new concept in the gaming world, but in terms of mobile games, it’s been a lacking feature that has, for the most, only allowed gamers to interact on a chat-based levels. But developers are looking to start providing games that allow players to enter a virtual world entity, and the focus on creating social platforms in mobile games has become the forefront of modern mobile development. 

Social interaction is a powerful component to have in a virtual setting, especially in a world where the internet allows for instantaneous connection across every continent. 

Mobile eSports

Most eSports right now are exclusive to PC and console, but there’s been a big push to start providing eSports on mobile platforms. Such games spearheading the movement include Clash Royale and Vainglory, which are set to change the way we play mobile games on a professional level. 

Mobile eSports is still very much in early development stages, but industry-experts believe that they will have a huge impact on the gaming world as a whole, especially given the constant advancement of portable technology. We may begin to see international tournaments spring up in the next few years solely dedicated to mobile eSports. 

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