Being a Video Gamer Can Be a Full Time Job

We used to call the kids lazy. Tell them to go outside. Tell them to go play with their friends. Tell them to quit staring at the screen and stop playing their video games. Tell them to get a job.

Well, don’t we look stupid? It turns out, that’s what they have been doing this whole time!

Well, maybe.

As it turns out, there can be money made by being a video gamer. What used to be tournament payouts has now become sponsorships, donations and branding.


Twitch is a platform that allows a gamer to live stream their playing to an audience. Yes, that’s a thing and it works well. The popular gamers have become rockstars of sorts with droves of fans eagerly waiting for them to sign on and let them watch their mastery.

During these broadcasts, gamers can stream themselves for hours at a time with 1,000’s of fans watching. Or no one watching. The fans watching can “tip” the streamer a small amount as a thank you for the entertainment.

Often times, the gamer will shout out the person giving the tip. This helps connect the fan with their favorite gamer, and often helps bring them back to the stream. If a gamer can get big enough, they can start to take on sponsorships and do appearances at expos.

Can they do it?

So you can see where this can become a full time job, right?

The upfront cost is minimal. Upgrading your equipment can happen at a slow pace, or whatever you can afford. As you start to make money, you can re-invest.

Monitoring your young gamer to make sure there is a healthy balance is key to any success, too. The kids will often see the dollar signs and think it’s easy money, but will soon realize the hard reality of trying to make it in the gaming world. Setting them up for success means having balance so they don’t get bored or burned out too quick.

It’s a large investment that could have the potential to pay for college.

Or help them skip it completely.

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