What’s The Buzz on Millennial Buyers?

millennial guide

I’ve heard a lot of buzz around using trigger words for content marketing. Certain people seem to think that content marketers target a demographic by making use of buzzwords like millennial in order to directly target a service or product to a certain demographic. 

Speaking down in a triumphant condescending tone, as they sit on their podiums blogging from the comfort of their favourite armchair. Can we all give them a big round of applause please?

I just love the fact that they are too blind to see that they are apart of the culture, entangled in the so called buzzword that got them to the call to action to sit down and write a blog focused around a buzzword, that is now more than just a word.

If you as any content creation specialist aim to refine your method of targeting via a word like millennial, then you have no place in the digital marketing realm. The word millennial is not demographic or age related. The word holds no authority in time or space, simply because we have transcended any age of distinction. There is no generation X or Y or Z or whatever you choose to call your era.

We now live in a different world, a world where modern advances in technology have not inspired a generational demographic, but rather a lifestyle, and everything from Aristocrat online pokies to the latest movies are at our fingertips.

Think about it, we no longer consume the digital market in the same manner. Gone are the days of that old dial up modem screeching as your face delights at the potential of what you could discover online. In today’s modern world we are constantly connected through a multiplicity of devices, whether static or mobile, we consume digital relevance on demand and on the go.

This lifestyle we are all apart of, like it or not has no targeting specific demographic. The one constant in technology is the fact that it constantly improves our user experience of the world around us. This feature coupled with nifty tech that is just plain cool is the biggest selling point of tech itself. Everyone from Jane face planted into her tablet to grandpa discovering the wonders of Facebook’s like button has embraced an age where the world has shrunk down. Bridges to new means and connections are constantly built and repaired through the digital era of excellence.

Now, in no way am I advocating the digital realm as the single greatest achievement in human history, what I am saying is that no other species on planet earth has evolved as quickly as we have. We have seen rapid growth infused with continuous progress. Never has one species propelled itself to the forefront of an era like we have.

My simple belief is that we currently occupy the future. This is true for every single moment of every day, as all we can do is live in the present moment, which is our destiny. This future philosophy stems from the many questions people constantly ask. Where are we going? What will we see in the next twenty years? Well up until 7 years ago smart mobile devices were something of unknown territory. Today they are an extension of our personal persona, making us feel completely lost without them.

So, when applying the buzzword millennial to a targeted campaign I think we get it. We don’t shuffle it off as a targeted demographic that will now reach millions because Google just knows who these people are. If you have been paying attention to digital media you will remember that not only does Google record your purchasing history but can also record your calls.

This places the giant in one mighty position allowing them to see what all kinds of people are shopping for and what they are buying. If you recall our future philosophy, we are currently in the future with an assortment of millennial like products on offer. With this in mind we don’t really have a choice, no matter what we buy, we buy millennial goods making us a millennial shopper.

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